Best Milk and Dairy

The very best in nutritious milk products in Uganda. From Fresh Homogenised milk to yogurt and Ice cream. Check out what Accowa Maziwa Fresh has to offer.

About Our Company

Our Farm Creates
the Best Dairy Products

With the best breeds of cattle, Accowa Maziwa Fresh Ltd prides itself in the very best of Milk and Dairy products at unbeatable prices.

Our Products

Organic Milk Products

Accowa Maziwa Fresh Milk


Mango Accowa Yogurt Fresh


Our products are based on high quality milk

With high nutrient pastures, our animals produce the very best milk in Uganda. So we pride our selves in the nutritive nature of our milk products.

Our cattle raring methods are engineered to the very best standards that lessens the impact of the animals on the environment. We have an efficient way of bio disposal, safe for the environment.

100% Organic Products

We feed our animals with the best nutritious feeds.

Recommended for babies

Our Milk products are processed to the best standards.

High Quality Raw Milk

Straight from our best breeds, our milk comes with the highest quality.

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