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Welcome to Accowa Maziwa Fresh

Since December 2017, we have been serving the people of Uganda with the best Milk products and we intend to continue providing the best.

Farm Technology Leader

Accowa Maziwa Fresh has invested in the best technologies for milk production and preservation.

Natural Milk Products

We have got an assortment of milk products ranging from Fresh milk to Yogurt and Ice-cream.

Convenient Delivery System

Wherever you are located, Accowa Maziwa Fresh will be able to deliver your products

Our Mission is to give best quality milk & Products

People rely on healthy Milk for their health and well-being, and it’s critical to produce milk responsibly in order to meet the demands of our communities and the environment. The Accowa Maziwa Fresh Commitment is a vow to safeguard the dairy industry’s long-standing principles for now, tomorrow, and the future.

By offering cheap, nutrient-rich dairy items and contributing to good economic impact, we are cultivating healthy, thriving communities.

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