Maize & Onions

High quality Maize and Onions straight from the farm. The Accowa Maziwa promise.


Maize is one of the major staple foods in Uganda, providing over forty percent of a Ugandan’s daily calorie consumption. To meet the country’s maize demand, our farmers grow maize on our plantations, with over thirty million Ugandans counting on maize as their main source of food.

Need raw or processed, Accowa Maziwa has you covered.


Onions (allium cepa) locally known as “obutungulu” in luganda are cool season biennial crops. This vegetable is typically grown as an annual. The dry bulb onions are harvested after the leaves have dried back and the bulbs fully matured. Here at Accowa Maziwa, we plant and harvest high quality onions for supply throughout east Africa.

For freshly harvested onions, Accowa Maziwa has you covered.

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